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In recent years, a fruitful professional discourse has been sharpening in the world of health that puts the patient at the center. We are witnessing a movement developing in almost every field – making therapeutic decisions jointly with the patient from the existing alternatives, increasing competition between medical factors in technological and service aspects, and more.  This poses new challenges for many chronic patients, as the wealth of options to choose from often creates confusion for them, and the multiplicity of tasks in managing the treatment makes it difficult for the patient and his immediate
environment.  In many cases, these challenges impair the patient’s quality of care and life, who gives up treatments due to the effort
involved in understanding the system and its conduct. This is where we come into the picture.Through the learning center and with our students, you are allowed to help the patient by understanding the challenges he faces and providing a professional solution to them. We invite you to join an innovative move in Israel to be partners in providing information to the patient and his companions. We invite you to direct patients to use the information center we have created as part of their treatment process. In addition to the learning center, we created for patients and their families, in this unit, a supportive training program for medical staff caring for chronic patients based on the WCC – Wellness in Chronic Care theory – integrative intervention model, which combines three approaches: the family medical approach, coaching approach By the Wellness community. The model focuses on identifying the positive dimensions in a person’s life – strengths, strengths, and skills, and mobilizing them for more effective conduct in life. This model allows introspection on the one hand and sets goals and activities aimed at achieving them.  The model’s uniqueness lies in its ability to provide the patients and their families with tools and options for self- care and management of the disease. Patients treating their illness. The model also provides a clear and structured way for professionals to work with patients and their families.

The teams learn to recognize the patient’s point of view and the challenges he faces and understand his needs at each point in time during treatment. We believe that a better understanding of those challenges assists the medical staff in building the envelope that the patient so desperately needs for optimal self-management of therapy.

We offer a variety of workshops and seminars:
• A dedicated course for head nurses at the HMO.
• One-time lectures for medical staff.
• Workshop for volunteers in escort centers of patient associations.
• Concentrated seminars according to required topics.

From many years of experience, we have accumulated dozens of projects designed to improve the quality of life of chronic patients; we are aware that a regular patient who is aware of the right way to manage treatment is healthier, along with being a better-managed patient and thus saving unnecessary processes and resources. You are welcome to be the pioneers and leaders of change – leave details, and we will get back to you soon.

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