The foundation is made up of three main units

 health and community connection- this is the rationale behind creating a sustainable model for accessing solutions and services in the community for chronic patients and relieving loneliness for those who in light of their medical condition rarely leave the house.

Many patients with chronic illnesses face physical and emotional difficulties with another significant challenge: The need to manage their own treatment themselves while dealing with a number of HMOs and caregiving professionals. Many studies show that the more a patient is involved in managing their own treatment, the better their health outcome is.

The role of the unit is to connect the vision of improving the quality of life for patients dealing with chronic illness, to technological/digital infrastructures and tools. We do this through “digital Hibu”k”, a technological platform dedicated to the Hibu”k unit, which serves as a tool for receiving, analyzing, and making information accessible about what is being done in the field.

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