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Yarden Dim’s personal story

Ow, I have no idea – how to get started? How do you sum up or write about such a period in your life? I became acquainted with the activities of the Ruth and Rubel Foundation as part of my study program  for academic conversion, on my way to becoming a nurse.

Yes, a nurse, whose job description includes compassion and caring, containment and listening.

Me? All these things? Since when? And how exactly? Because untill recently I did something so different and so far away as a lawyer .. but I decided to take this opportunity, which came to me mid-life.

What kind of life is this? In the shadow of the coronavirus, in the midst of so many new beginnings and exits from familiar comfort zones.

And so I started. Einat and the foundation staff were so optimistic. Even the language they used was so different from anything I knew until now (hint: frequent use of empowering words like “stunning”, “special”, “exciting” and a variety of heart emojis.)

and these times, and the world of the elderly and loneliness and their needs, took on a different and powerful meaning. More at this time, of the corona. We hear about the elderly in the news, and know in some remote corner of our brain, that there are those who are not well. Even around us. And we feel sorry for them and sometimes also do not understand how, in a judging manner ..

But then they are here, people with names, and life stories and a hard and shaky way of life, dealing with themselves in the shadow of the changes they go through. their near and distant families, and the corona wreaking havoc on us al, also made a kind of storm for them that increased the loneliness and the difficulty.

And the students, people like us. Who may have gotten into the situation accidentally at first but very quickly realized the need for them. Their role and its importance.

And they came through., and made contact within the confines of the corona, and lit a little light, which grew in the hearts of these elders. This light also illuminated them and warmed everyone who took part in this project – alleviating the loneliness of elderly  people from all around the country. The connections formed were surprising. I think they surprised us all.

I could not believe that in such a short period of time people would bond with each other so strongly. Between the generation gaps, the crowded schedules of students and the technological difficulties of remote-controlled communication.

We managed to overcome all of these at the end of the day. And suddenly, it worked and rose. The reports we received from the field were surprising in their intensity. People who really really care, have moved mountains and organizations and authorities to take care of these seniors whom they have never met and will never meet. They sometimes worked at non-routine hours and gave an answer and a listening ear, and gift packages on Rosh Hashanah to sweeten the loneliness and difficulty.

And I was so lucky to be a part of this exciting project then and today.

And every day I re-learn the fact that giving from the heart has no limits of time or any other limitation. Everything is possible for this important purpose.

And the students I accompany do an amazing job and spread so much good in this world of ours, and that’s my profit – to see them and be there with them almost every day and hear the difficulties and contain them together and overcome everything.

Because in the end, what does a person have but the feeling with which he walks through this world with, and the feelings of belonging and giving that are second to none.

I’ve been blessed.

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