Digital unit – connect a vision to technology

This unit has the role of connecting the vision of improving the quality of life for patients dealing with chronic illness, to technological / digital infrastructures and tools.

We do this through Digital Hibu”k

a technological platform, designed for the Hibu”k unit, which serves as a tool for receiving, analyzing and making information accessible in the field, for the benefit of advanced, accurate and real-time management of all variety of activities and collaborations.

Digital Hibu”k – A unique platform for managing a comprehensive field array

the student activity in the Hibu”k unit is supervised through a designated platform which includes an application and a management system that connects students to the patients they accompany in their period of fellowship.

this system is a technological tool that contains an array needs comprehensively from definition of work processes, through the management of students, communication between the headquarters area , intake of patients to structured reports, dashboard dynamically, analyzes, surveys, examination of the trends, insights and reports to stakeholders.

the system allows production Aintiikim structured and validated in favor of identifying, supporting and monitoring needs of the patient and approached made him, as well as mapping and identification of aid organizations and associations in the community In

addition to the activity with the patient, there are additional layers that include optimal management of all students from the recruitment process and throughout the scholarship period – from the scholarship selection stage, training, through Complex activity reports to satisfaction surveys and ongoing updates. The system is flexible, user-friendly and includes advanced solutions that can be adapted to any future collaboration and project.

Thanks to the platform we manage the information effectively, which means not only storing the data but also managing it and turning it into knowledge.

The platform places the association at the forefront of the stage in a comprehensive response to the patient’s emotional and existential needs, in improving its quality of life, and in presenting the patient’s needs and accessibility nationwide alongside accessible and accessible professional guidance to the student.

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