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About 75% of Israeli citizens over 65 are diagnosed with one chronic illness.

For many of them, the disease impairs and adversely affects the daily routine management and the community’s conduct. The corona crisis exacerbated the condition of the patients and brought another epidemic, the epidemic of loneliness that mainly affected chronic patients of advanced ages. The proportion of the elderly in Israel who reported loneliness in 2020 shows that 34% of +65-year-olds report feelings of loneliness, while 42% of +75-year-olds report loneliness. About 23% of those aged 65 and over live alone. The quality of life of infertile seniors is often tricky and inconceivable.

• 26% of the elderly population in Israel are in poverty
The barren seniors live within four walls with almost no human connections
• They neglect their bodies and health to the point of being seriously ill
• In many cases where severe loneliness prevails, the elderly also suffers from hidden and overt hunger
• They do not eat regularly and eat a hot meal infrequently
• Most of them without heating or cooling means and money for electricity.
• According to studies, loneliness promotes fatalities by 45%

There are few opportunities where it can help improve the quality of life and health outcomes of chronic patients and people in old age and at the same time invest in comprehensive training of the next generation in a variety of therapeutic professions. We have made this our mission, and we created a WIN-WIN-WIN model for everyone. The Hibu”k unit provides access to solutions and services in the community for chronic patients and alleviates
loneliness for those who rarely leave the house due to their medical conditions. Our scholarships allow students to directly meet chronic patients, guide and provide tools for self-care management, sense and map their emotional and logistical needs and create for them through medical, welfare, and community factors the envelope needed to improve their quality of life. Our embracing hand also reaches Israel’s geographical and social periphery – a population of people with chronic diseases as well as the third age with a low socio-economic rating, characterized as having low abilities for exercising
rights and optimal self-management. Your contribution can make a big difference in the lives of many chronic patients while providing a rare added value to students in therapeutic professions who will be the medical and therapeutic people of tomorrow. The Ruth Vrobel Foundation is a registered association in Israel with the number 580568822 and has a tax credit certificate for donations under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance. For information on the association on the GuideStar website

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