Know How Unit

Know How unit
Many patients with chronic diseases face physical and emotional difficulties, with another significant challenge – the need to manage the treatment of their illness in front of several bodies and professionals: Family physicians, community clinic staff, specialist physicians, pharmacies, testing institutes, and clinics, social workers, welfare departments, Social Security and more. The systems are very advanced, the technology has run forward, but the patient is often left behind in a dense tangle of bureaucracy. Lack of knowledge, familiarity, and understanding of the health system, causes difficulties in the patient’s conduct and can lead to incorrect treatment or discontinuation. Over time, this harms the patient’s quality of care and quality of life. Apart from this, many studies show that the more involved the patient is in managing the treatment, the better his health outcomes. This is where we come into the picture.
Our embracing learning center connects students from the health professions (future caregivers) to patients with a chronic illness to provide them with applied tools for optimal management of their disease. At the core of the learning center is the association’s extensive professional knowledge of the association, our rich experience, and training ability (Know How). The students in the scholarship activity are passed on by leading experts, thorough and by us, guided and valuable training, and transfer the knowledge and tools to patients in a friendly and straightforward manner. In addition, there is a knowledge center on the association’s website that is a library of articles and information sources that can help the target audience independently.

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