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The epidemic of loneliness in old age due to lack of knowledge and information significantly affects chronic patients worldwide and, in many cases, causes aggravation of their emotional and physical condition. Health and community foundations are looking for innovative solutions to improve patients quality of life at advanced ages, and sometimes the answer is more straightforward than it seems – all that is required is the creative and entrepreneurial thinking that we have in the association. That’s why we’re here. Our mission is to optimally connect health and community, improve the quality of life of chronic patients, especially in old age, increase knowledge, and provide tools for self-care management through connecting scholarship students from the health professions with patients. As part of the Hibu”k unit, we award scholarships to students studying in academic institutions in various therapeutic subjects – medicine, nursing, social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, communication clinics, etc., after rigorous screening processes. As part of their studies that can help them in the process of accompanying the patient, in addition, we create for them, the future therapists, an extensive
cushion for learning an essential tier in the patient’s life at home. The embracing unit leverages the basic abilities of students to assist chronic patients of all ages with an emphasis on the elderly and providing a comprehensive response to their emotional and social needs in daily life and In the management of the disease. In the last two years, more than 200 scholarship students have participated in the activities of the HUBK unit across the country throughout their lives and touched the lives of more than a thousand patients. We also invite you to join a WIN-WIN- WIN model for all participating parties.
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