deepest condolences

Elie Vrobel, passed away at the age of 84. Elie was not only a beloved family man but also a respected professional in the field of engineering and entrepreneurship. Born in Israel in 1939, Elie’s journey was marked by relentless ambition and resilience. After earning two engineering degrees from USC, he made significant contributions to the energy sector, notably at Ormat, where he was instrumental in pioneering large alternative energy projects. His vision was ahead of its time, setting the stage for today’s sustainable energy solutions.

Elie’s professional path took a bold turn when he ventured into entrepreneurship, acquiring and managing El-Com, despite the challenges and steep learning curve. His dedication and hard work turned the company into a successful venture, showcasing his deep understanding of business and leadership. Beyond his professional achievements, Elie was a man of great character. He taught us the values of grit, perseverance, and optimism. His mantra, “As long as you’re in business, good things will happen,” reflected his unyielding spirit and positive outlook on life, even in the face of adversity.  Elie was a source of strength, inspiration, and wisdom. His journey from an ambitious young man in Israel to a successful entrepreneur in America is a testament to his determination and hard work. His ability to overcome challenges, both personal and professional, has left an indelible mark on everyone who knew him. Elie’s legacy extends beyond his professional achievements. His warmth, generosity, and the meaningful relationships he fostered with family, friends, and colleagues will be cherished forever.

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