Ruth Vrubel

The late Ruth (Ruthie) Vrobel (Nee Schneider) – a wife, mother, and sister – loved so much by her family and all her
acquaintances lived her life according to the spirit of our foundation named after her in 2003 when founded. She was such a positive thinker and had an unwavering belief in human nature and people’s ability to cope with life’s challenges.
Ruth worked for decades in education – first as an assistant manager of a Hebrew school (Ulpan) in Israel.
And then, in many frameworks: she established the study of Hebrew for adults in the United States and during her extensive activities in B’nei Brit and WIZO foundations. In parallel with her career in education, she focused on activities for others – collecting donations for the education
system and the community, helping orphaned children, battered women, and cancer patients. Ruth’s relatives and acquaintances fondly remember her huge wide heart and generosity towards others. She supported many people who faced challenges and obstacles and was always there for them with an outstretched hand and a wide-open heart. Many of those she met during her life say that she gave them the feeling that they were
special and dear to her heart. Ruth was diagnosed with colon cancer at 51 but continued to live bravely, with the mental strength that characterized
her before the disease. Even after the doctors sadly informed her that she had only a few months to live, she did not let the disease or hopelessness take over her life and continued to conduct vigorous and energetic activities to benefit society and her community.
During the six years she fought cancer, the disease did not divert her from the path that always characterized her life – supporting and assisting anyone who needed it. Self-pity was off-limits to her, and the mantra that led her was her love of life and her constant concern for others. Ruth’s steadfast spirit and positive thinking led her to continue to affect many people worldwide to this day. Ruth’s generous giving to others inspired the association’s establishment in her name.

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